A Cashier is responsible for managing transactions with customers and ensuring accurate payment collection using cash registers. The following are some of the key responsibilities and requirements for the position.


  • Manage transactions with customers using cash registers
  • Scan goods and ensure pricing is accurate
  • Collect payments whether in cash or credit
  • Issue receipts, refunds, change or tickets
  • Redeem stamps and coupons
  • Cross-sell products and introduce new ones
  • Resolve customer complaints, guide them and provide relevant information
  • Greet customers when entering or leaving the store
  • Maintain clean and tidy checkout areas
  • Track transactions on balance sheets and report any discrepancies
  • Bag, box or gift-wrap packages
  • Handle merchandise returns and exchanges


  • Work experience as a Retail Cashier or in a similar role in sales
  • Basic PC knowledge
  • Familiarity with electronic equipment, like cash register and POS
  • Good math skills
  • Strong communication and time management skills
  • Customer satisfaction-oriented
  • High school degree

Cashier Skills: Cashiers must be skilled in handling money and transactions accurately and efficiently. They must be comfortable with basic math, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Good communication skills are also essential as they interact with customers during the checkout process. Additionally, cashiers should be proficient in using electronic equipment like cash registers and point-of-sale systems.

What should a cashier put on a resume? A Cashier should include relevant experience in customer service, sales, or cash handling on their resume. They should also highlight any experience with electronic equipment like cash registers or point-of-sale systems, as well as basic math and communication skills.

What is the job description of cash handling? Cash handling involves managing cash transactions, including receiving payment, giving change, and recording transactions. Cashiers must accurately and efficiently handle cash, ensure that the transactions are completed in a timely manner, and report any discrepancies.

How do you describe your cash handling experience? When describing cash handling experience, it is important to highlight skills in handling cash, managing transactions, and operating electronic equipment like cash registers. Candidates can also mention experience with balancing cash drawers, recording transactions, and resolving discrepancies.

Cash Office Skills: Cash Office skills involve managing and reconciling cash transactions at the end of the day, including counting money, preparing deposits, and completing reports. This includes ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded and that the cash drawer balances at the end of the day. Cash Office skills are typically required for more senior positions in cash handling, such as Cash Office Manager or Cash Management Specialist.

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