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Worklis job hunting coaching service is a unique offering that helps you land your dream job. Whether you need help with resume writing, interview preparation, or salary negotiation, Worklis coaches are here to guide you every step of the way.

Help with CV.
Worklis coaches can help you create a resume that highlights your skills and achievements. They will give you feedback and guidance on how to make your resume out.
Help with interviews.
Worklis coaches can help you prepare for any interview, from phone to video to in-person. They will give you tips and tricks on how to answer questions, improve your confidence, and impress your potential employers.
Help with negotiation.
Worklis coaches can help you negotiate the best salary and benefits for your dream job. They will advise you on how to research the market value, ask for a raise, or handle a counteroffer.
Help with referral.
Worklis coaches can help you get a guaranteed referral by one of the biggest software consulting companies in Europe. They will connect you with a trusted partner who can vouch for your skills and potential.
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