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Worklis provides a comprehensive job advertising service with white label capabilities and custom employer branding options, allowing companies to attract top talent while maintaining their brand identity

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All-in-one platform

Worklis is a cloud-based platform that connects with your favourite tools and platforms to streamline your hiring process. You can post your jobs to multiple job boards, invite your team members to collaborate, and manage your candidates in a list view. You can also receive real-time notifications and access insightful reports to improve your hiring performance. Worklis is secure, reliable, and accessible on any device. Try Worklis today and see the difference.

Connect Worklis with your favourite tools and platforms. You can automatically post your jobs to multiple job boards, integrate with your email and social media, and use APIs to customize your workflow.
Enjoy the convenience and security of a cloud-based platform. You can use Worklis on any device and browser without installing any software or hardware. Your data is stored and backed up on secure servers.
Invite team members
Collaborate with your colleagues on hiring the best talent. You can invite team members to join Worklis and assign them roles and permissions.
List view
Organise your candidates in a simple and intuitive way. You can view, filter, and sort candidates by different criteria in a list view.
Stay on top of your hiring process with real-time notifications. You can receive alerts for new applications, feedback, messages, and more on your email or mobile app.
Measure and improve your hiring performance with insightful reports. You can track key metrics such as time to hire, source effectiveness, diversity, and more.

Everything you need


Worklis analytics feature provides data-driven insights to optimize your recruitment process.

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Target setting

Keep your team focused


Get new ideas

Data-driven decisions

Monitor the performance


Worklis is a secure and reliable platform for hiring. It protects your data with encryption, two-factor authentication, access control, backup and recovery, and GDPR compliance. It also ensures your hiring process runs smoothly and efficiently with uptime and stability. You can trust Worklis to handle your hiring needs with confidence.

Data encryption
Encrypt your data in transit and at rest with industry-standard algorithms and protocols. Keep your data secure and intact from unauthorized access and tampering.
Two-factor authentication
Verify your identity with two factors, such as a code sent to your phone or email, when you log in. Enhance your security and prevent unauthorized access and identity theft.
Access control
Control who can access, view, edit, or delete data in your ATS with user permissions and roles. Set access levels based on job function, department, or project. Grant or revoke access as needed.
Backup and recovery
Backup your data regularly and store it on secure servers. Restore your data in case of any loss or damage. Ensure data availability and continuity.
GDPR compliance
Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and respect your candidates' privacy.Manage your candidates' personal data, consent to data processing, and request data deletion or portability. Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance.
Uptime and stability
Use your ATS on any device and browser without installing any software or hardware. Enjoy the reliability and performance of a cloud-based ATS. Avoid interruptions from maintenance and failures. Ensure your hiring process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Stay organised


Worklis automatically syncs your calendar with your candidates and team members, making scheduling interviews and meetings easy and convenient.

Sync with your own calendar.
Worklis connects with your existing calendar app and automatically updates your availability and events.
Allow for smart scheduling.
Worklis lets you set your preferences and rules for scheduling, and suggests the best times and slots for you and your clients.
Get more leads.
Worklis helps you attract and convert more prospects with its landing page builder and lead capture forms.
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