Occupational Therapist Assistant

What is an occupational therapist assistant?

Occupational therapist assistants help with the physical and psychological treatment of people with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses. They usually work under the supervision of occupational therapists.

What does an occupational therapist assistant do on a daily basis?

An occupational therapist assistant delivers rehabilitative plans. They demonstrate treatment activities and overview clients’ progress. Providing administrative support, such as updating files and filling billing reports, is also a regular job task for them.

  • Recommending and explaining the use of special equipment
  • Overviewing clients’ rehabilitative progress
  • Maintaining a secure work environment for clients

If you need candidates with a certain specialization, make sure to clearly mention your requirements when creating the occupational therapist assistant job description for your healthcare center.

Job brief

We are looking for an experienced occupational therapist assistant to join our team. You’ll collaborate with our occupational therapist and other health specialists to create coordinated, holistic treatment plans. Your main goal will be to support our clients during rehabilitation, by assigning activities tailored to their specific needs and monitoring their improvement. 

To be successful in this role, you should have a degree in Occupational Therapy and meet other occupational therapy assistant requirements such as the ability to guide clients and caregivers throughout recovery in a compassionate manner.

If you fit this description and want to have a positive impact on our clients’ lives, we’d like to hear from you.


  • Review clients’ physical and psychological needs
  • Monitor the progress of rehabilitation plans, e.g. activities for regaining motor skills
  • Research and recommend tasks and activities based on clients’ physical and mental condition
  • Demonstrate to clients and primary caregivers how to use special equipment (e.g. wheelchairs)
  • Research new rehabilitation treatments and techniques
  • Engage family members and caregivers in clients’ care plans
  • Ensure all special equipment works properly
  • Check stock levels and refill office’s supply inventory 
  • Conduct administrative tasks (e.g. updating records)
  • Maintain a secure health environment for clients


  • Previous experience as an occupational therapist assistant or a similar role
  • Great knowledge of federal, state, and governmental health standards
  • Hands-on experience with rehabilitation programs
  • Ability to stand for long hours and lift heavy loads 
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office 
  • Strong communication skills
  • A compassionate and resilient personality
  • State license to work as an Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Associate’s degree in Occupational Therapy

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