Accounting Clerk

An Accounting Clerk is responsible for providing accounting and clerical support to the accounting department of a company. The job involves typing accurately, preparing and maintaining accounting documents and records, preparing bank deposits, general ledger postings and statements, and reconciling accounts in a timely manner. The job also requires daily entry of key financial transaction data into databases, assistance and support to company personnel, and research and tracking of accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies.

Junior Accounting Clerk Job Description

A junior Accounting Clerk is an entry-level position that requires a high school degree or equivalent qualification. The junior Accounting Clerk provides support to the senior Accounting Clerk and the accounting department. The job responsibilities include data entry, filing, record-keeping tasks, and assisting in the preparation of financial statements and reports.

Accounting Clerk III Job Description

An Accounting Clerk III is a senior-level position that requires an associate’s degree or relevant certification. The Accounting Clerk III has more experience and is responsible for more complex accounting tasks than the junior Accounting Clerk. The job responsibilities include reconciling accounts, preparing financial statements, and providing assistance and support to company personnel on accounting issues.

Difference Between Accounting Assistant and Accounting Clerk

An Accounting Assistant and an Accounting Clerk are both responsible for providing support to the accounting department. However, an Accounting Assistant typically has more administrative duties, such as answering phones, filing, and data entry, while an Accounting Clerk has more accounting responsibilities, such as preparing bank deposits and maintaining financial records.

Is Accounts Clerk Same as Accountant?

No, an Accounts Clerk is not the same as an Accountant. An Accountant is a professional who has a degree in accounting and is responsible for analyzing and interpreting financial information, preparing financial reports, and ensuring that financial statements comply with accounting principles and standards. An Accounts Clerk, on the other hand, is a support staff who performs clerical and administrative tasks in the accounting department.


  • Provide accounting and clerical support to the accounting department
  • Type accurately, prepare and maintain accounting documents and records
  • Prepare bank deposits, general ledger postings and statements
  • Reconcile accounts in a timely manner
  • Daily enter key data of financial transactions in database
  • Provide assistance and support to company personnel
  • Research, track and restore accounting or documentation problems and discrepancies
  • Inform management and compile reports/summaries on activity areas
  • Function in accordance with established standards, procedures and applicable laws
  • Constantly update job knowledge


  • Proven accounting experience, preferably as an Accounts Receivable Clerk or Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Familiarity with bookkeeping and basic accounting procedures
  • Competency in MS Office, databases and accounting software
  • Hands-on experience with spreadsheets and financial reports
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • Aptitude for numbers
  • Ability to perform filing and record keeping tasks
  • Data entry and word processing skills
  • Well organized
  • High school degree
  • Associate’s degree or relevant certification is a plus

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