Accounting Assistant

Duties of an Accounting Assistant

An Accounting Assistant is responsible for providing support to the financial team by performing a range of accounting duties. These duties may include:

  • Reconciling invoices and identifying discrepancies
  • Creating and updating expense reports
  • Processing reimbursement forms
  • Preparing bank deposits
  • Entering financial transactions into internal databases
  • Checking spreadsheets for accuracy
  • Maintaining digital and physical financial records
  • Issuing invoices to customers and external partners, as needed
  • Reviewing and filing payroll documents
  • Participating in quarterly and annual audits

Role of a Junior Accounting Assistant

A Junior Accounting Assistant is an entry-level position that typically requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Junior Accounting Assistants may be responsible for tasks such as data entry, filing, and providing support to the accounting team. They may also be trained on basic bookkeeping procedures and software.

Accounting Assistant vs Junior Accountant

An Accounting Assistant and a Junior Accountant are two different positions with different responsibilities. An Accounting Assistant provides support to the financial team by performing a range of accounting duties, while a Junior Accountant is an entry-level accountant who may have more responsibility and training in accounting principles and practices.

Job Brief

We are looking for an Accounting Assistant to join our team and provide support to our financial department. The ideal candidate will have an Accounting degree and a desire to gain experience in bookkeeping procedures. Responsibilities will include reconciling invoices, creating and updating expense reports, processing reimbursement forms, and participating in quarterly and annual audits. The successful candidate will have excellent math skills, be familiar with finance regulations, and have hands-on experience with MS Excel and accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks).

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