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Cloud based talent sourcing platform that recruiters and candidates love. Beat hiring bias in your team building and grow with pride.

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Optimise candidate quality and relevance with innovative feedback collection.

Reach your audience where they are and let their voices be heard with our enterprise grade solution.

4 Ways how you can become faster and more effective with us

Recruiting quickly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your hiring standards, but it does mean you are able to operate as an agile business.

This may require you to re-evaluate your recruitment process in terms of allocating time and resources while hiring for a role.

Video interviews

Video interviews

Simple feedback

Simple feedback

Easy scheduling

Easy scheduling

Candidate chat

Candidate chat

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Let your recruiters hire with style and on the fly

  • Manage unlimited vacancy adverts and locations.
  • Decide on the future of your team. Do you need a senior specialist or a junior whom you can coach? What skills matter to you the most?
  • Manage unlimited vacancy adverts and locations.

Reach your team growth goals faster with prospective candidates

  • Select excellent candidates available at your fingertips at any time.
  • Control your costs with our monthly or annual simple subscriptions. You can cancel it at any time.
  • Focus on the candidates which will bring you results the fastest. Gives you the tools and insights you need.
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Show your company is diverse and eliminate bias from your funnel

  • Boost your team skillset by benefiting from employing a wide range of mentalities and experiences.
  • Engage in a professional contact and break boundaries caused by prejudice.
  • Empower those who are most driven and motivated in your organisation.

Data Security

Top-notch data security keeps information safe and secure at all time. Your data is protected by industry-verified compliance standards.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Worklis?

Worklis is a cloud based job application tracking system. It allows hiring managers to publish to multiple online job board from one place.

Hiring managers can rapidly filter through applications with just a few clicks.

What is the minimum contract duration?

Worklis is subscription based and plans start from a monthly membership.

Do I need to install an app to get started?

No, Worklis lives in the cloud and can be accessed from any modern internet browser.

How is my data used?

Worklis stores all of its users' data in the cloud, privacy regulation compliant. No data is sold to third parties.

A Faster way to hire

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