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Job last updated on 24 September 2021


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  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Management
  • Restaurant and Hospitality

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  • ✔ Flexitime
  • ✔ Unlimited holiday policy



London, Uk

Mission statement

WE’RE LOOKING FOR A TALENTED AND AMBITIOUS OPS EXEC TO JOIN OUR TEAM The Après Beer. The Beer for rallying a group and letting loose, for drinking to the before and making a moment out of the after. Après ski, sea, sport, adventure, work. Craft beer has a great image but has an accessibility problem. 95% of beer sold is not craft beer because it is too hoppy, too bitter, and too challenging to drink. JUBEL are making craft beer more drinkable, more inclusive, and more sessionable JUBEL brew dangerously refreshing craft lager cut with fruit. JUBEL packs the refreshment of a fruit cider and sessionability of a crisp lager, and is vegan, gluten-free, and a sociable 4% ABV for easy-access Launched in April 2018, JUBEL has secured 1500+ listings including Fullers, Sainsburys and Waitrose, and we might be the new beer on the block but all three of our brews have already scooped up UK Country Winner in the World Beer Awards.


You will be playing a crucial role right at the centre of the business as the nuts & bolts looking after the day-to-day sales and marketing operations, and will be responsible for: DEMAND OPERATIONS ✔ Working with the sales team on forecasting and demand planning Ensuring our wholesale and retail customers maintain adequate stock levels ✔ Responsible for e-commerce fulfilment accuracy via third-party fulfilment warehouse ✔ Customer service support for e-commerce issues ✔ Processing all third-party e-commerce orders and supporting third-party customers ✔ Managing stock levels of our point of sale items through effective forecasting and demand planning ✔ Sourcing suppliers for point of sale items and negotiating terms and commercials with them ✔ Building and updating sales data dashboards via data visualisation software ✔ Using data and insights to influence strategic decisions ✔ Tracking and managing our customer investment process ✔ Managing draught beer installations in the on-trade and responsible for draught beer quality control ✔ Supporting with demand-side logistics (e.g. finding solutions to move portable bars between customers) ✔ Working with our marketing team on events and activations assets and logistics


SOMEONE WHO SHARES AND DISPLAYS THE JUBEL CULTURE I. VALUES DRIVEN: Our five values aren’t just words on a wall. They are the attitudes, behaviours and skills we value in our team to influence who gets hired, promoted, or let go. We embrace diverse personalities and working styles, but every team member lives and breathes our five values: Thirsty: outstanding delivery through an insatiable drive, work ethic, and external competitiveness - want it Action Oriented: working at race pace with a positive and open mind towards everything, doing beats talking Sustainable: operating in a way so that our planet, relationships, sales and energy levels are all built to last Off-Piste: safe = risky. Bold and brave approach with smart risks and no fear of failure Curious: strong and broad appetite to learn - ask questions, be humble, embrace feedback II. HIGH-PERFORMANCE: We believe the best perk we can offer people is a team of great people to work with who are as motivated, passionate and driven as they are. III. FREEDOM & RESPONSIBILITY: People who take real responsibility are rare - self-starting, motivated, disciplined, proactive, not letting anything slip through the net, and working as hard on their own as they do in front of others. We hire for real responsibility so we can have true autonomy, which is given not earned. You are treated like an adult and trusted, so you won’t be asked where you are or what you’re doing. YOUR CHARACTER Analytical Organised Commercial Problem solver Attention to detail YOU’RE BRILLIANT AT Being organised, driving efficiencies and multi-tasking Managing stakeholders and communicating across the business Numbers and all things Excel - experience with Tableau / Power BI would be a bonus but isn’t essential YOUR EXPERIENCE Strong academic achievement Supply-chain background (placement or post-University) Preferably some F&B experience, with a strong interest necessary