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How to Write a CV as a Nurse: A Guide for the Incoming or Experienced

8 March 2022

Do you want to work as a nurse? Whether you're new to the field or an experienced professional, you should know how to write a CV for nursing. This is an important document that can help your target employer learn about your credentials and experience. It's also what they will use to determine if there are any gaps in your work history that might indicate risks of hiring you. In this article, we'll explore the purpose of a CV for nurses, discuss some common mistakes people make on their resume and offer tips for writing yours!


Effective Communication: The Key to Success in the Workplace

26 February 2022

The workplace can be a difficult environment to thrive in. And with the increased workloads and deadlines, it has never been more important to have effective communication skills.

Team watching a presentation

A New Age of Video Interviewing Platforms: What is the Candidate Experience

24 February 2022

With the digital transformation sweeping the world, we see video interviewing platforms becoming more and more commonplace. Video interview tools make efficient hiring decisions possible for companies that need to hire people from faraway places. But what about candidate experience? Is it really as good as a face-to-face interaction?

Man recording himself on smartphone

10 Essential Retail Skills That You'll Need for a Successful Career

24 February 2022

Retail work can be fast-paced and exciting. To succeed, you'll need to develop a range of essential retail skills. If you're looking for a new job in retail, or just want to get better at your current retail job, this is the article for you! We outline 10 of the essential skills that will serve as a great starting point if you're just entering the field. These skills might not seem like much on their own; but together they make up what it takes to succeed in today's competitive market!

Lady working in retail

Don’t Outsource Your Recruitment – The Truth on Why Companies Do

13 February 2022

Why companies outsource recruitment (and why you shouldn’t)

Man talking on the phone

Job Hunting: Tips, Advice and Steps You Can Take to Get Your Next Job

1 September 2021

It's a great time to be looking for work, but it can also feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are resources available and steps you can take to help make the process of finding your next job less stressful and more successful. In this article we discuss tips, advice and steps that will ensure you're well informed during your career development.

Interview between three people

Paradox of Choice in Recruiting and Retention

10 August 2021

The paradox of choice is an observation that having many options to choose from, rather than making people happy and ensuring they get what they want, can cause them stress and problematize decision making. The more options people have, the less likely they are to be satisfied with their choice.

Colourful travellers' street sign

Should You Travel by Train or Plane?

29 July 2021

Travelling by train costs ‘50% more’ than flying, and prices could be holding back greener travel. Air travel may be cheaper than going by train, but with planes emitting six time more carbon, how should we be travelling?

London Underground Train

No One Wants to Work in Gone-to-Pot Cumbria: Hiring Issues Put Pressure on Lake District Eateries

28 July 2021

Cumbria is a popular tourist destination, and the hospitality industry plays an important role in bringing in visitors. However, due to a lack of tourism workers in the region, many businesses are struggling to keep up with demand.

Empty Restaurant Kitchen

COVID-19: Government reveals the list of 16 sectors where workers may be exempt from isolation

22 July 2021

The government has published a list of 16 sectors in which workers who are fully vaccinated may be exempt from isolation if they are requested to quarantine after coming into close contact with a positive COVID case.

Covid-19 Vaccine Bottle Mockup (does not depict actual vaccine).

Hospitality industry says, that they have been robbed

17 June 2021

Travel and night-time entertainment businesses have been robbed of a high recovery season by the delay of England's full reopening until 19 July.

Charlotte Street Hotel

Average salaries of 30 jobs in highest demand

10 May 2021

Lockdown is almost ended and businesses are gearing up to restart. Job adverts are slowly beginning to flood the market and hospitality is currently at the top.

Image of High street

British hospitality sector struggling with staff shortages

8 May 2021

Lockdowns and new Brexit immigration restrictions have caused a dramatic shrinkage of the available workforce

Empty bistro in London

Remote London workers bring Peachy results

26 April 2021

Pubs have already opened and digital working trend is brining fresh business.

Rose Crown Pub

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