Don’t Outsource Your Recruitment – The Truth on Why Companies Do

By: Raf Fabisz

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"Doing recruitment in-house is expensive and inefficient!" That's what recruitment agencies would like you to think, but it's simply not true. In this blog post, we'll explore the three main reasons why companies outsource recruitment and explain how you can do better by doing things in-house.

Companies outsource recruitment for three main reasons: to cut costs, because they don't know how and because it's what everyone else is doing. Unfortunately, this isn't the best way of doing things if you're looking for good talent – which your company definitely needs in order to stay competitive! In-house recruitment offers several benefits that outsourcing simply can’t compare with. You’ll be able to recruit faster and at a lower cost, while also gaining full access to all candidate data instead of having an external recruitment agency ‘black box’ everything from their end.

CVs management (including automated recruitment workflows)

Staffing companies come with recruitment fees that are often quite high. For start-ups, this could be a huge problem since they’re operating from limited resources in the first place. Outsourcing recruitment also limits your access to candidate data and puts you at risk of losing it all if something happens between the agency and yourself (like bankruptcy). In-house recruitment leads to faster hiring processes because there is always someone available who can take care of everything: sourcing, interviewing and screening candidates for open positions. The company will only hire when it finds the right person – no time wasted on extensive recruitment efforts or interviews with unqualified applicants!

In addition, internal recruitment saves money by avoiding expensive recruitment agencies altogether while still getting access to great talent! When choosing a new toolkit, it is important to search for best value in the feature set available. In-house recruitment software should include the following features:

Automated interview scheduling and reminders to involved stakeholders

Advanced reporting that can provide insights into current recruitment trends, such as skills shortages or candidate sources with insufficient results in terms of conversion.

It takes time and money (and quite a lot of both) before any new employee starts generating revenue (or savings). That means companies need leaner tools to be able to find the people that fit their culture best.

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