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There are over 130,000 vacancies on the market which do not require a formal degree right now. These jobs are so strapped for employees that some salaries are higher than those typically reserved for university graduates.

The list features roles where you can 'learn on the job', while others fit into the government's kickstart scheme, which pays firms and youngsters at least the minimum wage to enrol onto an apprenticeship.

Workers have been affected by the pandemic hit and the mass redundancies are causing havoc on the market.


New graduates are faced with an unemployment of 12% predominantly caused by the pandemic and catalysed by Brexit. According to the ONS, compared to a wider youth unemployment rate of 13.6% among lower-skilled workers. Overall, UK unemployment is currently 1.7million.

Hospitality openings are also on the up with 21,492 waiter roles on offer, 6,530 chef openings, and 438 bartender positions.

Similarly, companies have shifted their focus to online shopping, leading to a rise in entry-level positions that require tech or social ‘know-how’ rather than a specific degree.

Top 30 vacancies and how much you could earn on average

  • Waiter, £25,500
  • Electrician, £38,000
  • Cleaner, £19,500
  • HGV Driver, £28,000
  • Office Manager, £37,000
  • Courier, £32,000
  • Recruitment Consultant, £30,000
  • Warehouse Operative, £19,000
  • Chef, £24,000
  • Labourer, £22,000
  • Personal Trainer, £22,500
  • Photographer, £44,000
  • Care Worker, £20,500
  • Plumber, £40,000
  • Events Coordinator / Manager, £29,500
  • Carpenter, £35,000
  • Gardener, £24,000
  • Sales Assistant, £20,000
  • Executive Assistant, £33,500
  • Social Media Officer, £29,000
  • Painter & Decorator, £31,000
  • Window Cleaner, £20,500
  • Tree Surgeon, £28,000
  • Estate Agent, £35,000
  • Babysitter, £21,000
  • Trainee Software Developer, £30,500
  • Bartender, £18,500
  • Digital Marketing Assistant, £25,000
  • Student Paramedic, £33,000
  • Furniture Assembler, £37,500

Something sweet

This summer has the potential become highly profitable for the local hospitality workers as the salaries are increasing rapidly with a hourly figures climbing up to £15 per hour in London.

British staff have also decided to stay at home. Many younger people who lost their jobs during the pandemic appear to have pivoted into other professions, while those with more experience have reassessed their work-life priorities during lockdown and taken jobs nearer to home.

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